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Investigating cause and extent of damage, claims handling

Needless to say that majority of the problems may lead to substantial financial losses and have far-reaching consequences.

Collision damage to FFO fire grounding pollution clean-up operations cargo damage contamination claims detention hull damage machinery failure

It takes just a few seconds to print it, but years of practice to accumulate necessary skill and get to the point allowing us to handle the cases properly.

Fortunately, the gained experience enables us to solve a majority of problems to the benefit of our clients. On the other hand, we are still climbing the perfection mountain although very rarely, but sometimes it actually happens that some aspects of the problem go beyond the scope of our experience and expertise (for example, in cases of serious engine breakdown or heavy underwater damage to pier). In such circumstances we apply to a group of reputable and reliable local sub-contractors (qualified Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Master Mariners), which assists us in case of need.

Our professional ethics does not allow us to boast of handling a big number of cases where our efforts lead to sensible reducing of the claims amount or even in total rejection of the claim. So, we will refrain from praising ourselves.


We do not see it reasonable to waste your time and give here a detailed list of surveys we can arrange for vessels and cargoes. We can just state that we can perform any survey for any cargo on any type of vessels.

Legal support and dispute resolution

Needless to say that quick resolution of commercial disputes can be crucial in saving money and mitigating loss. Our in-house team is committed to resolving disputes in the right way for our clients. Our approach in managing and resolving disputes covers the following:
  • Collecting related information and facts;
  • Analysing and assessing situation, available resources, risks and case prospects;
  • Giving reasonable advice as to how to proceed so that to protect clients interests in the most efficient and cost-effective way;
  • Appointing maritime and civil lawyers in case of need.
As you may understand, there is no equivalent substitute for years and years of experience in the area of legal support & dispute resolving.