Novorossurvey Ltd. - Investigating cause and extent of damage, claims handling. Surveys. Legal support and dispute resolution

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Novorossurvey Ltd. has been operating in the market since 2004. By now the area of our activity has expanded to ten Russian Black Sea & Azov Sea ports (Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Sochi, Taman, Temryuk, Port Kavkaz, Yeisk, Taganrog, Roston-on-Don and Azov). Initially, the companys activity aimed to provide a high-quality service to the commercial shipping industry and included various inspections of bulk and general cargoes, but then it became much wider.

Among our clients there are well-known charterers and time-charterers (Oldendorff, Martrade, NYK, Western Bulk, Bunge, etc) who generally appoint us for arranging a steel preloading survey, tally check, on/off-hire and bunker surveys. Besides, over the years the Company has been often involved in claims handling, hull and machinery damage surveys and marine casualty investigations on behalf of the shipowners and P&I Clubs (GARD, West of England, British Marine, Hanseatic, Ingosstrakh). From time to time even biggest international traders (such as Cargill and Glencore) find it necessary to take the advantage of our experience in ascertaining cargo quality/quantity and settling contamination/wetting disputes.

The company has capability and expertise to deal with many aspects of cargo shipping and marine transportation. The stuff consists of professionals having 15 to 25 years spent in marine industry, so we combine the wealth of knowledge and practical experience.

We do realize the limits of our reliability; unlike some surveying companies, we never promise to arrange a reliable survey outside our area somewhere in Ukraine, Turkey, Romania or Bulgaria. What we can certainly guarantee, is high-quality service at Russian Black Sea & Azov Sea ports due to availability of reliable sub-contractors there. Our expertise and lasting involvement in all types of maritime matters place us in an ideal position to meet the challenging demands of the marine industry, today and tomorrow.

Nowadays, Novorossurvey is able to investigate all types of marine claims, undertake all kinds of marine surveys and is active in solving various problems arising during loading/discharging operations. Apart from this, we are in a position to provide qualified specialized legal advice and representation. Rather frequently our advise was helpful in overcoming the problem, avoiding serious disputes between the involved parties, preventing a ships delay or passing the case to the court.

The direction of our activity is always guided by the interests of our client, but not by amount of our bill. For this reason, we always try to settle the problem at an earlier stage, but never wait until the case reaches the point of no-return and transforms into a big one with all undesirable consequences. Most likely, it is one of the root reasons why we only increase the number of our clients, but never lose them.